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Why Ranpo Edogawa Is The Best Boy Of Bungo Stray Dogs | Otaku Fanatic

Mar 18 , 2023

Ranpo Edogawa is a natural genius but calls his ability super deduction. He is the best detective in Bungo Stray Dogs. He can deduce the "truth" with a glance at the crime scene.

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How does Ranpo outshine the main character of Bungou Stray Dogs?
Season 4 of the aim reveals that the recruitment of all the members of the Armed Detective Agency is linked to him.

Why is Ranpo Edogawa the best character?

Ranpo Edogawa stayed as a side character in the initial seasons of Bungo Stray Dogs. His popularity increased in season 4 of Bungo Stray Dogs.

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How did that happen?
Let's talk about it.

No Faith In Common Sense 

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Before Ranpo became a detective, he assumed everybody hid their real intentions, always lied, and never acted on common sense. It was later revealed to him that everyone else was just dumb.

The Smartest Dumb Guy 

This characteristic only requires an answer to a simple question.

Who can solve unsolvable crimes and still doesn't know how to ride a train? 

Ding ding! It’s Ranpo Edogawa-Bungo Stray Dogs 

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Ranpo is the only guy that gets lost because he stares at a glass marble for too long. Simple everyday tasks are not made for him.

The perks of being useless at simple tasks are chilling at the office until you are truly needed.

He Acts Childish

Ranpo acts like a clueless 12-year-old.

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It was revealed in the series that Ranpo had a rough and scarring childhood. He even joined the armed detective agency at the age of 14.

There are two explanations for this childish behavior:

  1. He never got the chance to be a child because he was on his own and survived the harsh face of the world. 
  2. Ranpo's parents were the greatest detective as well. They died in Ranpo's childhood.

 That's why he does all the childish things a curious kid would like to do.

The reason behind the death of ranpo's parents is still not unraveled, yet it's building up our curiosities since the release of season 4 of Bungo Stray Dogs.

He Is Quirky 

The young detective that brings sunshine to the crime scene.

Ranpo Edogawa- Bungo Stray Dogs, the most cheerful detective at work you will ever see. He will laugh and try to make others guess who the murderer is whenever possible.

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He activates his ability with dramatic, carefree behavior and solves the crime in seconds. 

His chirp and happy attitude made many fans, and his enemies can't help but get impressed by his moves. 

Edgar Allan Poe was a socially awkward rival of Ranpo. After Ranpo solved his most complicated mystery book, he became Ranpo's admirer and fan.

Loves Being Praised 

Ranpo loves praise. He takes extreme pride in his work at the agency and wants the world to recognize his ability. 

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Ranpo was clueless about his special natural ability before he met Fukuzawa Yukichi and thought people mistreated him and ignored him because they hated his guts and honesty. 

After meeting Fukuzawa, he realized his uniqueness and wanted the world to know about it. 

Ranpo values people and therefore values their compliments as well. The members of the agency always praise him, but he rarely gets praised by Fukuzawa, hence values his praise the most.

Acts Mature Whenever He Wants 

Being 14 years old and founding a special ability agency isn't a piece of cake. It wouldn't have been possible if Ranpo didn't believe in himself.

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In all essence, Ranpo has a good grip on when to be playful and when to be mature. He initially believed that ultra deduction was his supernatural ability, but he found in season 2 that he was a prodigy.

"I'd look pretty stupid if I ended up being a normal person now" - Ranpo Edogawa to Yosano.

Ranpo is a prodigy product of two genius detective parents. They never told Ranpo about his genius potential because they wanted him to stay humble. 

Ranpo And Dazai Are Partners In Crime 

Ranpo and Dazai share a special bond with each other. These two understand each other's words without needing explanations.

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Their partnership saved the city from being destroyed by Moby Dick while saving Kyoka and Atushi simultaneously.

These two are the greatest assets of the Armed Detective Agency, which is why Fyodor's priority was to separate these two to establish his plan.

He Is A Cutie 

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Ranpo Edogawa- Bungo Stray Dogs is adorable, and that's it. This point explains itself.

He would still be the best character if he only had adorable qualities.

One can always see Ranpo in the background, indulging in his own world at the agency. 

With Ranpo, cuteness comes automatically. His sarcasm and delivery are all top-notch.

No Negativity Affects Him. 

Ranpo is hands down the bravest character of Bungo Stray Dogs. he had no adult to rely on as a teen.

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No one believed in him and treated him as an outcast for his honesty. His rivals constantly underestimate his intelligence.

All this at the age of 25 years. All his previous trauma explains why his behavior resembles a fussy and picky child who stays in his own world, unaffected by what anyone thinks.

Many fans guessed his behavior could be a coping mechanism due to all his trauma. Ranpo is enjoying everything he should have as a child. He wouldn't let his age stop him from the pleasures of childhood.

It's the end of the Ranpo Edogawa, Bungo Stray Dogs list now! If you have a character you want to be analyzed, drop their names at Otaku Fanatic!

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