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Yamada-Kun To Lv999 No Koi Wo Suru! | Otaku Fanatic

May 30 , 2023

Here is what we know about the anime Yamada-kun to lv999 no koi wo Suru! Where to watch it, Characters, and the best episodes.

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 Yamada-Kun To Lv999 No Koi Wo Suru!

The famous Japanese series when it comes to slice-of-life romantic comedy. Yamada-kun to lv999 no koi wo suru! Manga is written and illustrated by Mashiro. The manga was released on March 19 on the comic smarts Ganma website.

The anime was released on April 2 in the summer anime season. The anime is currently airing and is believed to have 13 episodes, each lasting 23 minutes. 


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Yamada is not an average tsundere gamer boy. He is a pro game steamer with no interest in anything other than gaming.

At a game fair, Yamada meets Akane, the sad guild mate in the Forest Of Savior. Theor's first interaction includes Yamada helping Akane because she offered him a game premium game prize code.

As these two keep interacting, Yamada's heart opens towards Akane. Yamada always talks honestly and says what's in his heart, but Akane, on the other hand, is a dum dum. She still admires Akane for his great gaming abilities and computer-fixing skills.

Where To Watch Yamada-Kun To Lv999 No Koi Wo Suru!

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Yamada-Kun To Lv999 No Koi Wo Suru! It became available to
watch on Crunchyroll on April 2! 2023. With the premium account, you can access all-new episodes on Crunchyroll.


Akane Kinoshita 

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Akane is a college freshman dumped by her ex-boyfriend because he fell for someone else in a video game.

Akane is known as the bubbly one and the noob of the guild. She makes a lot of effort to keep her level up in the game, but surviving the gaming noob era takes a toll on every player.

Akane is always charming; she genuinely cares about her guild members, and her life changed significantly when she bribed Yamada to play along as her boyfriend for a few minutes.

Akane is voiced by Inori Minase, the voice of  Rem, Tsubasa Oribe, and Itsuki Nakano.

Yamada Akito 

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The professional gamer says what he wants and remains nonchalant about various things.

Akane has always been more interested in games than real conversations. He always gives concise answers to everything.

Yamada is a high school senior at Tousei Academy. Yamada always faced problems when it concerts connecting with people on an emotional level.

Meeting Akane has his heart in his clutches, and the only time he deviates from his shy and introverted personality is when Akane is involved.

Yamada is voiced by Koki Uchiyama. The voice actor of Toge Inumaki, Yuri, Miyamura, and many more cute black-haired anime boys!

Eita Sasaki

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The best friend and best older brother award goes to Eita. He is considerate and cute. Many have fallen for his charms as he is the perfectly stable emotional support of the anime.

He plays Savior of the Forest with Yamada and his younger sister,runa Sasaki. In the game, he is known as Princess Ruri and the guild master of the chocolate rabbit.

Runa Saski 

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The cute lolita of anime  Yamada-Kun To Lv999 No Koi Wo Suru! She attends the same high school as Yamada. She ships Yamada and Akane just like her brother and the rest of us.

She loves to dress up as a lolita because she likes everything cute.

She is often shy but a loyal guild member and friend to Akane.

Runa’s big brother, Eita, has a minor sister complex. He papers her a lot but never forgets to guide her through the hurdles of life.

Runa is papered by Yamada as well. If you ask me, she sees a more mature older brother in Yamada rather than her own brother.

Facts About Yamada-Kun To Lv999 No Koi Wo Suru!

The Age Gap Between Yamada And Akane

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Yamada looks a lot younger than Akane, but they are both legal adults. Many people think it's a romantic comedy about a high school senior student and a job lady, but the age gap between Yamada and Akane is just 2 years! 

Yamada is a high school senior, while Akane is a college freshman.

Their age gap has made Yamada famous for liking older women in his high school. Even though Yamada is unaffected by rumors, Akane feels daggers pierce her back as she walks around with everyone’s favorite senpai.

Yamada Cant Handle Akane's Range Of Emotions.

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Yamada is a person that speaks his mind with a straight face. Even though Akane shows many expressions and we can see her go through multiple thoughts, she brings out sudden urges and actions in Yamada that he would normally avoid.

Witnessing Yamada as he experiences new feelings is a new serotonin for fans. Seeing a male lead by his instinct and watching him figure out these new feelings is cute and endearing at the same time.

Anime With Real Gamer Problems

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One thing we all love is when we get an animation closer to the genuine reactions of life. Yamada-Kun To Lv999 No Koi Wo Suru! Has set the bar high.

The anime has a female lead that we closely relate to, while Akane gives us real-life gamer problems. It feels right to watch this anime and the characters relating to us.

Is Yamada-Kun To Lv999 No Koi Wo Suru! Manga Completed?

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The manga started its initial compilation in March of 2019, and since then, the manga has been compiled into 7 volumes. The manga is still publishing and gaining fast popularity.

Simping For Manga Yamada

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As the chapters proceeded, the impatient fans initiated the route of manga reading. The fans that love Yamada claim to have fallen for him again due to the art difference in the manga. 

Have you read the manga of Yamada-Kun To Lv999 No Koi Wo Suru! Yet? 

This concludes all the info about Yamada-kun to lv999 no koi wo Suru! If you want more romance anime information, visit our website.

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