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Mob Psycho 100 - Tome Kurata | Otaku Fanatic

Dec 27 , 2022

 Tome Kurata- the high school girl obsessed with the supernatural and psychic world in mob psycho 100, here is what you need to know about her!

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Who Is Tome Kurata?

Tome Kurata is a character in ONE Sensei’s famous work Mob Psycho 100. ONE Sensei’s work emits the vibe of youth along with lessons of growing older.

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ONE Sensei has always emphasized on being ordinary in all his works, even if you are the strongest among all, and Tome is someone who doesn't discriminate.

 Some even say she is a female Reigen.

Tome Kurata is the former president of the telepathy club, initially, she recruited Shigeo, just to save herself from losing a room for her club, even if that plan failed, she is still passionate about the hidden world and extraterrestrials.

Appearance And Attitude

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Tome’s design has as much detail as a side character needs but her character shows the potential to understand Mob and his power in its essence.

Her design is simplistic with black hair, in a bob cut with attention-grabbing lower lashes.

She has always been passionate about supernatural powers and the alien world, as a little girl, these things fascinated her, so much that she opened a club for them.

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We all found the female version of Reigen in Mob Psycho Tomo Kurata, she isn't judgemental yet goal oriented. 

Tome almost lost all hope for anything exciting related to telepathy and Esper world until meeting  Shigeo in the Spring Of Youth Arc, which restored her belief and gave her a push to carry on her research


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In season three of Mob Psycho 100, we learn about interests of Tome in depth. Her goal was to discover more about telepathic powers and meet the aliens at least once, however, her group members only became serious about the topic a few days before her graduation.

As a parting gift, her club mates wanted to surprise our conspiracy theorists with the chance to see the aliens.

With the success of this gift, they not only saw aliens, but they also met them and even partied with them, a goal Tome wanted to achieve long ago.

To Appreciate The Most ‘’ True To Self’’ Character Of Mob Psycho - Tome Kurata, Here Are Some Of Her Best Scenes!

The Master Recruiter

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She will change her voice for the sweetest tone, she will pull all the cute gestures that she knows, and she will lure you in with snacks. 

This is just a start! it’s just a few millimeters of lengths the president is willing to cross for the sake of her telepathy club 

Tome’s desperation also shows passion for keeping the telepathy club viable.

This scene is the first mob psycho in which we meet Tome in complete desperation.

Pouty President 

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The club member’s dilly dally non-serious attitude caused tome to give up her goals to awaken the human mind and communicate with other life forms. 

So when they finally plan a meeting with the aliens, she gets pouty at their sloppy plan. 

The club members were wrong for treating the passion Tome Kurata non seriously which explains her sore behavior but in my opinion, she just wanted to be babied a little more by her friends.

Rant And Move On 

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When asked about the most enthusiastic club president, mob psycho tome comes on top of the list. 

Because of her love for telepathy, the decision to disband the club was hard for her, this frustration came out from Tome during the trail of the alien sightings.

A Little Tease 

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As things get better in mob’s life, his emotions start showing on his face better than before. Tome seems to enjoy these newfound emotions of Mob more than anyone. 

We will all be thankful for Tome showing us the face of bashful Shigeo when she teases him about having a girlfriend.

The Lively Secretary 

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The Spirit and Such Consultation Office have gotten more lively than it used to be because of the new secretary, Tome Kurata. 

She does everything a great secretary does and more. Like teasing her boss about being a crybaby and laughing at him because he fell on his birthday cake!

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Mob Psycho Tome Kurata doesn't have too much screen time but her presence is the value of gold. 

Fans have the opinion that she is one of those side characters that win the hearts of fans more than the actual protagonist.

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Art by Yusuke Murata

If you haven't had your fill and crave more Mob Psycho 100 content, here is the list of scenes you'll enjoy to the fullest! 

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