Completed Romance Anime of 2023(so far!) | Otaku Fanatic

Completed Romance Anime of 2023(so far!) | Otaku Fanatic

Sep 13 , 2023

The highly anticipated list of romance anime of 2023 has been completed so far! The list includes the top 9 completed romance anime of 2023 that you can binge-watch in one day.

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Romance anime wouldn't be held in such high esteem if it wasn't for animes like Fruits Basket, My Little Monster, Au Haru Ride, and many more. These animes paved the way, and now we have a sweet, long list of completed romance anime with only half a year into 2023.

From cute online game couples anime like Yamada Kun to unexpected couple anime like Dangers of My Heart, here are the best-completed romance anime of 2023 so far!

10. Cafe Tarrence And Its Goddesses 

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The best part of Cafe Terrence is the animation and the funny goddesses who try their best, but somehow, their clumsiness catches up to them. 

If you love the idea of a maid cafe and want to experience the ambiance of being in a made cafe, this anime is the best choice.

The story follows Hayato's life, which changes overnight after his grandmother's death. Hayato's grandmother used to operate a cafe near the seashore where a group of five vibrant young girls worked as maids. All the maids have good intentions, but naturally, they aren't very business-minded.

It's now Hayato's job to bring this cafe to being the talk of the town, just like his grandma wanted 

The anime has a simple story where the MC is surrounded by a beautiful girl, and if you want some harem in your romance list, this new romance anime 2023 should be your pick. 

9. Ice Guy And His Cool Female Colleague. 

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The central part of Ice Guy and his cool female colleague is that the male protagonist cannot hide his emotions.

The show is based in a time where the descendants of different deities exist among us, and our protagonist is one of the human-diety hybrids.

Himuro has difficulty controlling his ice powers because they are linked to his emotions. Our protagonist is a descendant of a snow woman, and his emotions often get the best of him. This led to the introduction of our protagonist with our female lead, Fuyutsuki, who encountered Himuro with his legs frozen in snow due to nervousness. 

Fuyutsuki is a cool-minded woman with a straightforward personality and a soft spot for Himuro. She keeps herself present and helps him by coming up with caring and effective solutions for any of his problems.

There are many heartwarming and cute moments in Ice Guy and his cool female colleague that warm up our hearts. 

The anime is available to stream on Crunchyroll.

8. Endo And Kobayashi Live 

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Endo and Kobayashi will bring back your memories of matchmaking your dolls and having them interact with each other to get the most entertainment. This anime is similar to matchmaking, except the "gods" are the real-life players of an otome game called Magikoi, and the "dolls "are the game's avatars.

Kobayashi convinces Endo to play Magikoi to overcome his anxiety and improve his speaking skills, but all the fun takes a turn when the avatar named Siegwald hears the voices of players in the game. It is now up to Kobayashi and Endo to save their sweet villainess from her fated, horrid demise.

The anime gives a new twist to our usual game anime and portrays the true feeling of playing an Otome game. The show is available to stream on Crunchyroll.

7. Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible 

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For those wanting more of Komi-san Can't Communicate. I suggest watching Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible. The show follows Shiraishi, a high school student with the power to be invisible. Shiraishi doesn't have a superpower; he is just an ordinary boy who goes unnoticed to the point he is invisible to the people around him, and he has learned to use this ability in his favor.

No one seems to notice Shiriaishi's existence except the school's most popular student, Nagisa Kubo. While the world works hard to detect Shiriaishi's presence, Nagisa can easily spot him in a crowd. She takes his nonexistent presence as a challenge to get him noticed as much as possible.

The anime got a mid-season hiatus in winter; however, it is back on track and is now completed and ready to binge on Crunchyroll. 

6. Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten

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The best part of The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten is the cute secret friend-neighbor relationship between the romantic lead and his classmate. If you fancy a dynamic like Horimiya, this anime is a good pick for you.

The show follows Shiina Mahiru, a hardworking overachiever known as her school's angel. Though she hates being referred to as an angel, she has set the bar of perfection very high. 

Shiina's efforts to be perfect are due to her parents. To impress them, Shina is constantly excelling in every task at her disposal, but that doesn't mean she is immune to the pressure of this world. This is how she met Amane, her savior from heavy rain. 

Turns out, these two are neighbors, and what started as a favor steadily bloomed into friendship and more. 

The anime gets more interesting as Shiina's hobbies shift to spoiling Amane with delicious food and more. 

The anime is available to stream on Crunchyroll.

5. Dangers In My Heart 

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From the studio behind teasing Master Takagi San, Sweetness and Lightning comes Dangers in My Heart. It is a new romantic masterpiece but different than their usual works.

While Teasing Master Takagi San is about having a friend who knows what is in your heart, Sweetness and Lightning is all about making our appetite churn with delicious food recipes and endearing family bonds, Dangers in My Heart is very good at making us mind readers of a serial killer.

The series follows the lives of two high school students: Kyoutarou Ichikawa, the shy and reserved outcast who secretly fantasizes about being a serial killer. Ichikawa is mainly found cooped up in the library, with his mind occupied by strategies to murder Anna Yamada, his popular classmate. On the other hand, Anna frequently interacts with Ichikawa in the library, and now he knows that her reputation is a false rumor. In reality, Anna is an airhead who can never read the room.

As their interactions increase and Anna becomes clingier to Ichikawa, his fantasies of Anna's murder change to endearment, and his top murder target is now someone he wants to protect at all costs, even if it means murdering the people around her. 

It's a twisted and weird love story, but if you like murder mystery, this is your best pick.

The anime is ready to binge on Crunchyroll.

4. Insomniacs Afterschool

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If you are looking for a binge-worthy romance that will leave your heart filled with awe and warmth, Insomniacs After School is the top tier of your choice. To be more specific with its genre, it's a sweet, slow-burn high school romance and slice of life!

The series follows two students who suffer from extreme insomnia and find each other at the school's astronomy observatory. Ganta Nakami can't sleep at night, making him cranky in class; his perfect idea of sneaking in a nap at the school's observatory is busted when he finds fellow insomniac Isaki Magari in the observatory with the same intentions.

Isaki Mahari is energetic, cheerful, and full of life, while Ganta is a moody, sleep-deprived boy, and as our favorite trope of romance anime 2023 list, our polar opposite couple are the best ones to watch and ship!

Isaki introduces a perfect plan to Ganta that will turn their insomnia into strength! They make a pact to explore the night world that most people of the world (literally) sleep on! 

3. My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999

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For those who want more anime-like Love Is Hard For An Otaku. Get ready to binge on this romance anime at full speed. While Love Is Hard For An Otaku delivered us with the cute world of adult Otakus and thier love life hurdles, My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999 represents the struggles of being a gamer.

Our female protagonist, Akane, got dumped by her boyfriend in an online game called Forest of Survival, and to make her ex feel bad, she dolled up and attended a game event, knowing full well that her ex would be attending the event. She meets a member of her game guild at the event and bribes him to be her pretend boyfriend. She is surprised to know that the boy she impulsively bribed is the idol of gamers, namely, the god of the gaming industry, Akane.

Their friendship strengthens as they interact more in the game, Yamada being the helper of noob player Akane. The anime is filled with sweet characters representing real-life gamers, unrestricted by age. All the other guild members are rooting for Amane and Akane, as they are also a trope we all enjoy, the quiet one and the chatterbox. 

The anime is ready to stream on Crunchyroll.

2. Tomo Chan Is A Girl! 

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The list of romance anime 2023 can only be made by including Tomo Chan in the list.

Tomo Aizawa has gifted 2023 with the strongest female protagonist. She is everything a great main character requires: strength, looks, charm, and power. There is only one thing she strives to get. The attention of her best friend, Jun.

Tomo has a unique problem: her best friend Jun doesn't see her as a woman; instead, he competes with her in a man vs. man manner–literally. After Tomo bluntly confesses her love to Jun, she is stunned to know Jun never saw her as a woman; he even tosses the confession back and declares Tomo his best bro.

The course of the show includes Tomo turning to her girly girlfriends for advice to swoon Junichirou and make him see Tomo as a woman. Every episode includes a few skids that show new strategies used by Tomo and her best friends to make Jun fall for Tomo. Their work shows progress as they not new expressions by Jun with each mischievous try.

The anime is great and gives something new to us in the romance genre, as the star protagonist is a girl and breaks all norms of cliche animes.

The anime is ready to binge on Crunchyroll.

1. Skip And Loafer 

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The greatest part of Skip and Loafer is the slow-burn romance; it feels closer to reality than any other anime. Skip and Loafer has gained the fan-favorite title and managed to stay on top charts even after its completion.

The story follows Mitsumi – an enthusiastic and hardworking girl who moves to her aunt's home in a small city. Mitsumi is goal-oriented to the core; she worked hard and got into Tokyo's famous top high schools. However, she isn't yet ready for the hustle and bustle of the city.

Shima (our sweet and soft-spoken male lead ) finds Mitsumi sulking in the corner of the subway and immediately recognizes the same uniform; he helps Mitsumi get to school. This pure interaction blooms into friendship, but since it's a romance genre, our anime leads are bound to fall for each other. Shima is inspired by Mitsumi's eagerness and wishful personality. This trope supports each other in the cutest way possible. 

There is only one warning for the viewer: once you start to stream this anime, you will binge it till the end!

This ends the list of our completed romance anime list (so far); this year still has the best animes coming up, so be ready for an updated list of 2023 as the year reaches an end!

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