Top 15 Best New Romance Anime Announced For 2023| Otaku Fanatic

Top 15 Best New Romance Anime Announced For 2023| Otaku Fanatic

Apr 16 , 2023

The new romance anime announcement of 2023 is here. The list contains new completed, ongoing, and upcoming romance anime of 2023!

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For The New Romance Anime Announced In 2023:

We have a guy with ice powers, a love-obsessed pastor and a kid obsessed with serial killer novels, gamer couples, and a troubled tomboy girl in love! Let's get started.

15. Koori Zokusei Danshi to Cool na Douryou Joshi.

(Ice Guy And His Cool Female Colleague)

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The name may suggest that the male protagonist's personality is ice-cold, But that's not the case here.

The anime takes place in a world where descendants of gods live and work among humans. The animation is done by studio-G and Liber. It is a complete anime with 12 episodes.

The anime revolves around Himuro, a descendant of snow woman. He has a slight problem. The stirs in his emotions control his ice powers.

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Himuro has a crush on his colleague Fuyutsuki-san always offers convenient and clever solutions to all Himuro's problems.

It is refreshing to see the male protagonist losing his cool and being easily flustered by his crush while the female protagonist remains calm. Don't miss out on their magical chemistry!

14. Shiro Seijo to Kuro Bokushi

(Saint Cecelia And Pastor Laurance )

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This anime is about a hard-working pastor, Laurance, and a listless girl named Cecilia. The anime is filled with their everyday life. The pastor’s job is to guide people to the church, where Saint Cecilia teaches and advises people to the righteous path.

We all crave an anime with soothing powers that fills us with warmth with a comforting slice of life.

As Laurace and Cecilia become more comfortable around each other, their interactions become cuter and more wholesome.

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Cecilia is naturally lazy, and her tiresome interactions leave her completely drained, leaving Pastor Laurance to handle the church matters independently.

The animating studio is Doga Kobo, known for animating feel-good romance anime like Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun, and Himouto! Umaru-Chan and an upcoming new romance anime 2023, Oshi no ko.

13. Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu

(Dangers In My Heart)

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At the age of dreaming about romance, Kyoutaro Ichikawa dreams of committing murder—a new sensation among romance anime of 2023.

Ichikawa is a shy high schooler obsessed with the unique ways to unalive his crush, while his crush Anna Yamada loves teasing this psychopath.

The anime is animated by Shin Ei Animation, known for iconic anime like Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san, Doeramon,  Amaama to Inazuma, and many more!

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The protagonists interact with each other in the sweet age of experiencing new love. However, feel your heart in clutches each time Ichikawa approaches Yamada, the anime
aired on April 2, 2023. Now is the time to catch up on the episode!

12. Sugar Apple Fairytale 

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Ann Halford wants to become the silver sugar master, but living in an unjust world where innocent fairies like Ann are treated as slaves, Ann's dreams are a very high and risky goal.

In this anime, sugar is held in a very high position. It's an esteemed job to handle sugar and master its crafts. 

Individuals who manage sugar are believed to be blessed with immaculate natural talent. 

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The anime has a wholesome master and server relationship when Ann saves Shall from cruel fairy traders and appoints him as her bodyguard.

The new romance anime 2023 levelled up their game with smooth animation and unique color depth.

The anime is completed with 12 episodes to binge on.

11. Tsundere Akuyaku Reijou Liselotte to Jikkyou no Endou-kun to Kaisetsu no Kobayashi-san

(Endo and Kobayashi live!  The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte)

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Do you miss the anime trope with an Otome game where the girl plays as the villainess, but she is actually good?

I got you covered.

Kobayashi Shihono convinced her friend Aoto Endou to play an Otome game called Majikoi to practise and improve his communication skills.
Still, as it turns out, the game has a unique turn! 

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The game inputs the voice of players as the voice of gods! Now Endou and Kobayashi must use this ability to save the villainess from her horrid demise.

The anime is completed with 12 episodes, and the studio responsible for animation is TEzuka Productions, Known for prize-winning anime like Dororo, the upcoming anime My Home Hero, and many more.

10. Niehime to Kemono no Ou

(Sacrificial Princess And The King Of Beasts)

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Saraphi is the 99th sacrifice of the long tradition that requires a human to be sacrificed and eaten by the beasts to maintain peace between humans and beasts.

The war between beasts and humans has made both nations fear each other.

 Sariphi entirely lacks fear or survival instincts and treats the fearsome King Beast as a fluffy plushie. 

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The king, impressed with her boldness, allows her to roam the castle freely, and now you can guess what happens.

This new romance anime 2023 is bought for you by the studio J.C. Staff. Responsible for anime like One Punch Man, Toradora, Kaichou wa Maid Sama, and many more.

9. Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san 2nd Attack

(Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro 2nd Attack)

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The senpai is no longer bothered by Nagatoro's presence, and she keeps up with her teasing and putting her senpai's feelings on edge.

Naoto Senpai tries hard to keep his cold and stern image, but his heart always melts when Nagatoro is involved.

OLM Studio did a great job at animating season two. We all know the animation will be graceful and soft, like their other works, including Komi-San, Can't Communicate, Pokemon, and many more!

Otaku Fanatic

Season 2 of the anime is
completed with 12 episodes, so if you love the tsundere x teasing couple, this is the anime to binge!

8. Kubo-san wa Mob wo Yurusanai

(Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible. )

Otaku Fanatic

Do your friends always notice you? Do people around you know if you are in the class or not? If the answer is yes, then Junta Shiraishi can't relate.

Shiraishi is a high school boy with so little presence that people can't even spot him standing before them.

Otaku Fanatic

Nagisa Kubo
can easily spot Shiraishi and loves to tease him.

With the interaction between two highly opposing auras of Kubo and Shiraishi, the anime sets the mood for mischievous love.

The anime has 12 episodes on air, and Pine Jam Studios has done a great job with the art and smoothness of the animation.

7. Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!

(Tomo Chan Is A Girl)

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Tomo has a unique problem. Her best friend, Junichirou Kubota, doesn't see her as a girl even after her wholehearted upfront confession. How should she get "Jun" to understand her true feelings?

This new romance anime, 2023, shows the struggles of a tomboy girl in love. Both protagonists are afraid to confess because they want to protect their friendship. 

The anime is completed with 13 exciting episodes. Watch to find out who gives in to their feelings first and confesses. Is it going to be Tomo or Junichirou?

6. Otonari ni Ginga

(A Galaxy Next Door) 

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A stressed manga artist is nearing deadlines, has no assistant, and has two younger siblings to feed. Ichirou Kuga desperately needs an assistant, and Shiori Goshiki comes to his help like an angel.

Little do Ichirou know, Shieori wants to become his wife. And she is very blunt about it.

A gorgeous and capable woman who wants to become the wife of an overworked manga artist, Ichirou brushes it off as a joke, but as their interactions grow. Ichirou’s heart changes as well.

Otaku Fanatic

The anime is
scheduled to air on 9th April for the new romance anime 2023 spring, so mark the calendar if you are into assistant-artist romance.

5. Otonari no Tenshi-sama ni Itsunomanika Dame Ningen ni Sareteita Ken

(The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten. )

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Shiina Mahiru
is the perfect high school girl nicknamed “Angel” because of her majestic beauty. She is famous and stays at the top in sports and academics.

 People think perfection comes to Mahiru naturally, but only Amane Fujimiya knows her real image and how hard Mahiru works to achieve her goals. 

Amanne shielded Shiina from rain, and their interactions have become more frequent and cuter since then.

The anime holds 12 episodes of Shiina and Amanae working on creative ways to hide their friendship from the whole high school when their love blooms as their interaction grows.

4. Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia

(Insomniacs After School)

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The new romance anime 2023 has couples of all kinds. This time we have individuals who can't fall asleep due to insomnia.

Two insomniacs, Ganta Nakami, and Isaki Mgari, are locked in an abandoned astronomy club inventory. The two form an unlikely friendship to have as much fun as they can while the world sleeps.

The two are stressed high schoolers who help each other cope with insomnia. They form a pact to capture the beauties of the starry night together.

Otaku Fanatic

The anime is going to air on 11th April 2023
. Insomniacs After School will be another top anime when studio LIDENFILMS (responsible for Tokyo Revengers, Koi To Uso, Berserk,  etc.) is in charge of its animation.

3. Mahoutsukai no Yome Season 2

(Ancient Magus Bride )

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Watching our favorite characters grow and accept themselves after their long hard battles is a great feeling. After six long years, we can finally witness the supernatural love of Chise and Elias again.

As we all know, Chise was sold to Elias as a child to be his bride. Only Elias knew of her potential and helped her unlock a new magical world with her powers.

The anime is centred around a supernatural world with fairies, nymph dragons, and the most powerful magicians. Season 2 will be released on 6 April 2023, so if you still need to watch season one, now is the time to catch up!

2. Yamada-kun to Lv999 no Koi wo Su

(My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999 )

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An affair that started as revenge on an ex-boyfriend. Can such an affair bloom into something genuine?

Akane Kinoshita beats little pulps to the ground in a game where she encounters Yamada, an awkward and unsociable gamer boy.

 She rants about being cheated on by her ex-boyfriend with another girl in a game, while Yamada acts nonchalant about her details.

Otaku Fanatic

To get back at her ex-boyfriend, Akane attends the famous festival for gamers and shows off her glow-up. But she embarrassed herself by falling face first.

Against all odds, Akane finds herself moved by Yamada's caring gestures. She gets drunk and cries her eyes out.

The anime has just started airing on 2nd April 2023, so if you want to know what happens when the hungover female lead wakes up in a famous gamer's bed, you must tune in next week.

1. Skip to loafer 

( Skip And Loafer )

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If you miss the laid-back guy and goal-driven girl type of couple, this new romance anime 2023 is your cup of tea.

Iwakura Mitsumi is an eager and goal-driven student with extraordinary achievements. She dreams of studying at the prestigious University of Tokyo to help her town.

Iwakura is ready to make new changes for her small town, but she isn't prepared for the small and recent changes that come her way in Tokyo.

Otaku Fanatic

This anime is about making new memories and interactions in a city different from her home. Along her journey, she meets Souske, a laid-back, handsome guy ready to assist and have fun in her life.

The first episode aired on 4th April, and it's already a hit! If you like goofy relationships and a slice-of-life romance, now is the time to catch up on this anime!

Otaku Fanatic

This ends the collection but if you have more suggestions, let us know at Otaku Fanatic!

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